Published on 11.08.22

Building my home office.

If you’re like me and work from home or do most of your work from home then you know that having a designated work space is important. Not only does it improve productivity, but with some distance it could help you establish boundaries between work and home/chill time. With both my girls finally old enough to sleep in their rooms, my wife and I decided it would be a great time to invest in my home office.

What was involved?

  • Buying the Shed
    Initially we wanted to add on to our home, but that was not feasible so we opted for buying a TuffShed. On the Tuff website you’re able to fully customize your space. This is great because you can scale or scale back depending on your budget. I spent $5,797.49 for a 10×12 shed, with two large windows, and a large (residential size) sliding glass door. About a week after I customized my order online, Tuffshed had 2 guys assemble my shed within about 5-6 hours. 
  • Electrical
    Because I’m using this place as my primary work spot, I would obviously need electrical running through it. I hired a local electrician to install 2 circuits in my shed to handle all of my computers, heater, and AC unit. This service included 3 outlets, 4 canned lights, and of course a light switch.
  • Drywalls
    Now that I had the office space, I needed to make it feel more like an office and less like a shed. I ended up hiring a local drywall contractor who charged $1500 to install the insulation and add the drywall as well as apply texture to the drywall. 
  • Floors and Paint
    Now that all the major steps have been completed it was time to just add floors and paint to the space. I picked out some floors and paint on which were around $200 and the paint was about $80. Because I’m not expert when it comes to installing floors I hired the same contractor who did my drywall for about $500 to install the floors, drywall, and trim border around my sliding door. Once that was done my wife and I spent the weekend painting the space. 


Total Breakdown?

  • Tuffshed: $5,797.49
  • Electrical: $1600
  • Drywall: $1600
  • Floors $761.09
  • Paint and painting supplies: $112.35
  • AC Unit: $337.11

Grand Total:  $10,208.04