Published on 11.11.23

2023 Recap

Baseball. So. Much. Baseball. 2023 was a big return of my passion for the game. I went to about 5 minor league games and about 12 professional games. We also decided to join the season ticket club for 2024 for the San Diego Padres. Baseball was a big part of our lives this year and I am so thankful for that. It is a great way to spend my time away from the computer.

Along with many trips to Petco Park. We did some fun stuff like:

  • Trips to Legoland
  • Trips to Disneyland
  • Trips to Seaworld
  • Trips to the Zoo and Wild Animal Park
  • Visited Utah (my little sister got married!)
  • Stayed at the Hotel Del for the first time
  • Saw the Yankees play in Anaheim with my Dad and brother.
  • We went to concerts!
    • Coldplay ✅
    • Muse ✅


Struggled a bit on my health this year. Early in the year I got hit with the Shingles and that was extremely painful and uncomfortable. Don’t recommend. Other than the Shingles I felt like my family and I kept getting sick! Was very frustrating and I’m currently having a cough attack while writing this out.

A big move forward but I got a bunch of much needed dental work done. Was a painful but pretty quick process. My bank hates me but we are very close to completing the overall scope of work and I am very happy so far with the outcome.

Improvements to make for 2024:

I need to be more active. Start walking, taking more breaks from the computer. getting my resting heart rate down and reducing my blood pressure. I really want to try a peloton.

Lately I have been having a hard time managing my diabetes. A change I can make for 2024 is switching over to an insulin pump where I can have more control over my numbers. 2024 Kenny, let’s make it happen. We got this.


In March I celebrated my 1 year at Microsoft. A big accomplishment for a kid that dropped out of high school and honestly had no clue where his future was going during his teenage years. More importantly than my 1 year anniversary. Waldo and I finally jump started Webprints. A place where you can share, explore, and download 3D files – all while engaging with the community with likes, comments, and bookmarking. Check it out below


Life has a wild way of reminding you how precious time is. You blink and the kids age another year.

Small updates:

  • The girls are thriving in their new home school environment.
  • Dakota (10) and Kayden (7) are really into acting and are both taking classes. They are also performing in shows like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Frozen.
  • Connor is the human form of Tasmanian Devil. He turned 2 this year and is so cool. The son I have always wanted. He loves Spiderman, Jack Skellington, and adores his sisters.
  • Ramey is kicking butt as a mom and wife, but most importantly for her self. She is really into working out and healthy eating. Constantly taking the kids to explore and is just an overall amazing role model towards our girls.


Was a very exciting and productive year. Great memories made with family and built some good and solid friendships. Thankful for friends like Waldo and so many others I have made through work and Twitter.

Excited for what’s to come. I know something big is right around the corner.